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DEVSLP (Device Sleep) was added in revision 3.2 of the SATA specification published by the SATA-IO.  This Article describes the new feature and the changes required to make it work.

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Are you developing/testing 12Gb/s SAS products (SAS-3 specification)?  Fortunately there is a steadily increasing choice in test kit out there. Here is a quick list to help you find what you need.

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Hot-Swap capability is crucial in many modern electronic devices. Hot-swap refers to the action of replacing a system component while the system continues to run, whilst maintaining normal operation. Hot-Swap is a complex operation due to the high level of variability introduced by human and mechanical factors, which must be considered during the design and test phases.

SFF8639 Connector

Introduction to the new SFF8639 Connector for Backplanes.  SFF 8639 is an extension of the 8482 SAS Connector which has higher signal quality requirements (to support 12Gb/s SAS and gen 3 PCIe) and adds support for SATA Express and 4 lanes of MultiLink SAS or PCI Express.

The connector has a total of 6 High Speed signal paths, strangely each specification only ever uses up to 4 of them at any time.

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