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Quarch Technology Ltd, leaders in test automation, have announced a new range of test modules for use with the latest generation of PCIe attached storage.


The Quarch PCIe SFF Drive Module will allow fully automated hot-plug, lane failure and fault injection testing of the next generation of storage devices.


The module transparently switches and sequences every PCIe power, data, and sideband signal of the SFF-8639 connector. This allows complete control over hot-swap timing, pin bounce and lane connection.

Quarch drive modules can be used for bench testing a single drive/host combination, or multiple modules can instrument an entire enclosure or rack of 100+ drive slots.

The PCIe SFF modules are closely related to the Quarch Gen 3 x16 PCIe slot module, which performs the same functions for the standard PCIe card form factor.

"Pre-release modules have been with selected customers for the last couple of months. PCIe hot swap places new demands on hardware, firmware, BIOS, and O/S, we have seen a number of hot-swap issues that the industry will have to deal with before PCIe products are ready for release. These include:

  • Memory allocation issues
  • Incorrect speed negotiation after hot-swap
  • Host O/S crashes
  • O/S Failure to detect device removal or failure

These modules will make it much easier for our customers to find and replicate issues like this early in testing and get reliable products to market faster."

Andy Norrie - Technical Director - Quarch Technology

Members of the UNH-IOL NVMe consortium will be able to make use of Quarch PCIe SFF modules during theNVME Plugfest on the 24th - 26th February.

Evaluation modules are available on request.

Quarch are proud to have their products distributed in the U.S. by SerialCables LLC. For U.S. sales and product information please contact

For further information about the Quarch Torridon Test Automation System visit

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