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SANBlaze Technology, Inc. today announced that it has delivered the industry’s first 12G SAS storage emulation system.  Adding to SANBlaze’s widely deployed installed base of emulation systems for Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE and SAS, the new system emulates SAS targets and/or Initiators at 12G, the fastest SAS speed available in the market.

The ability to emulate SAS targets and initiators with a wide range of configurable attributes provides engineers with a flexible, scalable tool to simulate real storage environments, at a fraction of the cost of real devices. The ability to easily configure, save and restore complex and a varying range of configurations, provides a flexible, cost effective and invaluable tool for development, test and QA labs.

“We are excited to have completed development and release of our 12G SAS emulation product at the beginning of the technology adoption cycle.” said Mitul Patel, SANBlaze Emulation Product Manager “This allows our customers to accelerate the development and testing of their 12G SAS products, by benefiting from the cost, performance and time to market advantages associated with using SANBlaze emulation solutions. Given that there are not many shipping 12G disk drives or tapes, the demand for 12G SAS development products is quite large, and our new product fulfills much of this demand immediately.”

For target emulation, a SAS target can be a disk, a tape, or a collection of each, such as a tape changer or storage array. Multiple error conditions and triggers allow for complex error injection. RAM based targets provide low latency targets for performance testing. In addition to targets such as disks and tapes, very complex, disk based error conditions can be simulated to provide a unique platform for backplane and controller testing. Initiator emulation delivers the ability to drive SAS traffic, inject errors, and send specific or custom op codes in an easy to use, scriptable platform. Custom command generation and predefined tests provide simulated host environments. Auto-connect and probe features quickly identify targets to test.

About SANBlaze

SANBlaze Technology, Inc. is a pioneer in SAN Emulation technologies and a leading provider of storage solutions for embedded systems. SANBlaze emulation products provide storage engineers, test, QA and manufacturing teams with scalable, high performance and configurable emulated environments for FCoE, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and SAS targets and initiators. SANBlaze emulation systems are installed at most major storage hardware and software vendors worldwide.

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